Strategic Planning for Import and Export
Safety, Agility, Economy, and Transparency in all Stages of the Process.

International market

Direct trading with factories and large foreign distributors, with the objective of maximizing the results of our customers. International partnerships to facilitate agreements and track manufacturing and/or shipment after order closing.


Comex and Tax Consulting

Tax and legal study, risk analysis, price structuring, reformatting of Comex processes, and various services aimed at improving its import and/or export.



Certifications and/or records: ANATEL, ANVISA, INMETRO, MAPA, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, and others. Complete advice with mapping of the needs required for each product.

Customs Trading

It arose from the idea of bringing to Brazilian companies the possibility of operating in foreign trade, seeking new products and services, and interconnecting the world, all in a safe, transparent, and effective way. Customs Trading aims to turn local businesses into big businessess.





Companies around the world

importing with Customs


Years of


More than 500 import and export operations per year

A trading company with more than 10 years of experience in the market, working with numerous products and effectively overcoming various barriers. Contact us through our phones or register on our website for more information.

Be part of this transformative process, entrusting import and export issues to a company that always thinks about the collective and progressive growth of its customers.

Come and be part of this transformative process, entrusting import and export issues with a company that thinks about collective and always progressive growth.


Opening doors
for small and large businesses!

We work to customize the process according to customer needs and international standards. Each demand is unique to the Customs Trading team.

We guarantee greater security and agility in your import!

Studying the process and its steps before starting the import is essential to ensure safety and economy. Avoid surprises due to lack of planning and COMEX experience. Count on Customs for the success of your operation.

Documental Analysis

Every import process needs to be analyzed in the smallest detail, any misunderstanding can lead to fines and delays in releases.

Investment Spreadsheet

Before investing in any business, the entrepreneur must be aware of the costs for acquiring their product.

Customs Clearance

All imports must have the place chosen for customs clearance on the agenda. This process is so important that a wrong choice can bring deadlines and expenses that will make the import process totally unfeasible.

Import declaration

To nationalize the product in Brazil, it is necessary to register the Import Declaration (ID) or Simplified Import Declaration (SID). It is through this record that the Federal Revenue Service will start the analysis of the process, and these declarations are the most important tax documents for customs inspection.


Our Services

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International logistics

Air, sea and/or land processes safely and effectively.

Tax and Tax Benefits

Broad and secure tax analysis, with multiple possibilities.

Qualification SISCOMEX

Start your imports/ exports within 24 hours.

International Documentation

Broad documentary analysis with correction of defects.

Our Customers

Some companies that import and export with Customs!